Data Literacy + QuantHub

A new way to learn the language of data!

We have exciting news to share! To continue to lean further into our mission here at Data Literacy which is to help people learn the language of data, we are announcing a partnership with QuantHub. We know that every learner learns differently and we believe in meeting everyone where they are at. QuantHub is a leading data upskilling and assessment platform which delivers data literacy content in a micro-learning, in-the-flow-of-work capacity that fills in the knowledge gap for the learner where they need it most.

With this one of a kind partnership, learners now have a new way to learn the language of data. They can now use QuantHub’s platform to assess and identify the gaps in their data knowledge and then receive our world class Data Literacy content dripped daily for these personalized areas of growth. This can save time and allow the learner to focus only on the areas where further competency is needed.

Organizations can now choose to work with QuantHub to deliver Data Literacy content in this new and efficient way to upskill their entire workforce. Becoming a data literate organization is not an option anymore, it’s necessary and this partnership makes it that much easier to give teams and individuals the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be successful working with data.

You can learn more by checking out the Press Release that went out today and by joining a live conversation with Matt Cowell, the CEO of QuantHub and Ben Jones, CEO of Data Literacy on Thursday, June 17th at 9am Pacific! Register here. Of course if you have any questions or are interested in learning more, contact us!

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