Announcing the Launch of AI Literacy Fundamentals

Announcing the Launch of AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become a critical and controversial topic affecting many aspects of daily life. Yet, for many of us, it remains a complex and elusive concept, shrouded in jargon and misunderstanding.

That’s why we’re launching “AI Literacy Fundamentals,” a comprehensive course designed to demystify AI for everyone. It’s available for individual learners to take here on our site, or for teams of learners to take via their organization’s own learning management system (LMS).


Why AI Literacy Matters

AI Literacy is defined as the ability to recognize, grasp, use, and critically assess artificial intelligence technologies and their impacts. AI is no longer a futuristic vision; it’s a present reality. From the algorithms curating our social media feeds to the voice assistants in our homes, AI’s influence is pervasive.

Announcing the Launch of AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and a solid understanding of AI is crucial for navigating its benefits and ethical implications responsibly. “AI Literacy Fundamentals” empowers you to be an informed participant in the AI conversation.

Who Is This Course For?

“AI Literacy Fundamentals” is designed for anyone curious about AI, especially if you’re…

  • A professional trying to understand AI’s impact on your industry,
  • A concerned citizen who wants to join the AI conversation, or
  • A student exploring technology career paths

All technical terms are explained thoroughly and we include a robust glossary so you’ll never feel lost. We’ve taken great care to explain and illustrate the core concepts in an easy-to-understand way, even if you’re new to AI technologies and terminology.

Announcing the Launch of AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy | Data Literacy  

Course Overview

“AI Literacy Fundamentals” is structured into six distinct lessons, each crafted to help you put in place a key piece of the AI puzzle:

Lesson 1: What Is AI?

Discover the essence of Artificial Intelligence in our opening lesson. We’ll define what AI truly is, exploring its capabilities and how it’s transforming our daily lives. This lesson sets the foundation, providing you with a clear understanding of AI’s role in our modern world.

Lesson 2: A Brief History of AI

Journey through the evolution of AI from its inception to its current state. This lesson covers pivotal moments and key figures that have shaped the field, offering insight into how past innovations influence today’s AI advancements.

Lesson 3: Machine Learning Basics

Unveil the core of most AI systems – Machine Learning (ML). We’ll break down ML concepts into digestible parts, explaining how machines learn from data to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed for each task.

Lesson 4: A Primer on Deep Learning

Dive into the subset of ML that’s powering the most cutting-edge AI applications. Understand what deep learning is, how it’s structured, and why it’s pivotal for tasks like image recognition, natural language processing, and more.

Lesson 5: AI Benefits and Concerns

AI isn’t just about technological marvels; it’s also about ethical considerations. This lesson balances the scales, discussing AI’s positive impacts on society and the economy, while also addressing the ethical dilemmas and potential risks it poses.

Lesson 6: AI Myths and Truths

In our final lesson, we tackle the myths surrounding AI, separating fact from fiction. Learn to discern the realistic capabilities and limitations of AI, equipping you with a balanced perspective on its future implications.

Including Our Latest Best-Seller

Everyone who takes the course will get a digital copy of Ben Jones’s latest book AI Literacy Fundamentals, a best selling book in Amazon’s Computer Literacy category.

Announcing the Launch of AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy | Data Literacy  

The book comes with dozens of custom, hand-drawn illustrations by our own Alli Torban, author of Chart Spark. Alli used the creativity prompts she wrote about in her own book to create helpful diagrams to explain many of the tricky concepts covered in the book.

Live Instructor-Led Sessions with Our Team

If you’d like your organization or team to benefit from group sessions, we have some good news for you! Book author and illustrator Ben Jones and Alli Torban are experienced and passionate trainers who can lead your group through a customized version of the course, either virtually or on-site. Contact us today to get on Ben and Alli’s calendar before it fills up!

Announcing the Launch of AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

Join Us on This Journey

Embark on a journey to AI literacy with us. Understand the technology shaping our future and learn how to engage with it critically and ethically. Stay tuned for enrollment details and embark on your first step towards AI fluency with “AI Literacy Fundamentals.”

Stay informed, stay empowered, and let’s navigate the AI landscape together.