The Data Literacy Score | Data Literacy  

About the Data Literacy Score

How well does your team speak the language of data? How well do the members of your team read, understand, create and communicate data as information? In what ways is your team creating an environment where data literacy can flourish, and, on the other hand, what factors might be getting in the way of your team’s ability to reap the benefits of data literacy? 

These are questions that the Data Literacy Score is designed to help you and your team identify.

Who is it for?

The Data Literacy Score team-based assessment is designed for teams of people – from corporate groups to nonprofits to government agencies. While the assessment can be used for teams of any size, it is recommended to assign sub-group or department names that define teams of 100 people or less to yield results that are more specific and actionable. 

What Stage is Your Team In?

The Data Literacy Score | Data Literacy  

How Does it Work?

When you partner with us to determine your team’s Data Literacy Score, we meet with you upfront to plan how to administer a team-based assessment.

The assessment is comprised of 50 Likert-style questions, broken up into seven categories with seven questions each, and a final, overarching 50th question. These questions each contribute 10 possible points to the overall team score, for a total of 500 potential points. Teams assign representatives to complete the survey. Each survey taker scores each of the 50 questions, and an average is computed for each of them. Finally, the average score for each question is summed together to produce the overall team Data Literacy Score.

In addition to the 50 Data Literacy Score questions, there are multiple demographics questions that you can add at the beginning as well as three open-ended questions at the end that allow your team members to describe what is working well, and what could be working even better to help improve your team’s level of data literacy.  

What are the 7 Factors Taken into Account?

The Data Literacy Score | Data Literacy

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