AI Literacy Fundamentals

Helping You Join the AI Conversation


AI Literacy Fundamentals

Helping You Join the AI Conversation


Learn the language of AI. This course will empower you to lay a firm foundation in the core principles of AI, its history and evolution, concepts of machine learning and deep learning, everyday applications, and ethical considerations, enabling informed discourse on AI’s societal impact and future directions.

Who’s it for?

This course is designed for anyone curious about AI, especially if you’re…

  • A professional trying to understand AI’s impact on your industry,
  • A concerned citizen who wants to join the AI conversation, or
  • A student exploring technology career paths

All technical terms are explained thoroughly and we include a robust glossary so you’ll never feel lost. We’ve taken great care to explain and illustrate the core concepts in an easy-to-understand way, even if you’re new to AI technologies and terminology.

AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy
AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy

What’s Covered in the Training?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the foundational concepts and definitions of AI

  • List the key figures and historical developments of the field of AI

  • Distinguish between different types of machine learning

  • Understand the basic concepts behind deep learning

  • Critically evaluate AI applications in various domains

  • Debunk common myths, fostering a balanced perspective on AI’s potential benefits and ethical implications

What’s included?

  • A digital copy of AI Literacy Fundamentals by best-selling data author Ben Jones
  • Perpetual access to the AI Literacy Fundamentals on-demand course, offering:
    • 6 course lessons with instructional videos and knowledge checks
    • 6 instructional videos between 6 and 8 minutes in length
    • A total of ~51 minutes of video content
    • 6 lesson quizzes with a total of 60 questions
    • Links to helpful resources for further learning
AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy  

What our students are saying…

AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy

How can I take the class?

As an individual, you can enroll in the on-demand course, start right away, and progress through the lessons at your own pace right here on our site. 

If you are looking for training for your entire team, contact us for group rates. Our courses can be taken on-demand in our learning platform or uploaded into your organization’s learning management system via our SCORM or Tin Can / xAPI files.

AI Literacy Fundamentals | Data Literacy

About the Instructor

Ben Jones is the Co-Founder, CEO and head instructor at Data Literacy, LLC. Ben also teaches data visualization theory at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. He has trained and presented to thousands of people worldwide in his previous roles as head of Tableau Public and Academic Programs at Tableau Software and Lean Sigma Master Black Belt at Medtronic, Inc. Ben is the author of Learning to See Data (Data Literacy Press, 2020), Data Literacy Fundamentals (Data Literacy Press, 2020), 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy (Data Literacy Press, 2019), The Introspective Entrepreneur (Data Literacy Press, 2022), Avoiding Data Pitfalls (Wiley, 2019) and Communicating Data With Tableau (O’Reilly, 2014).

“The Fundamentals of Data Literacy course has provided a great foundation for our employees as they begin their data fluency journeys. Our staff members quickly grabbed onto the idea of being data-informed and considering the role of intuition in their data work. The course is unintimidating and accessible for colleagues that are completely new to data, but the project work allows more experienced team members to challenge themselves by applying their learning to their daily work. This course has helped us to create a common language around data and is a valuable starting place for our data fluency programming.”
Data Fluency Manager, US-based Private Equity Firm
Ben is an exceptional teacher. Definitely in my top 5%. He invites learners to engage fully, answering questions with respect and providing ideas for further study. Ben showed us dozens of useful tips to present our data professionally and with integrity. He creates efficient lesson plans, designs useful homework exercises, and provides feedback and support that helps us all excel as busy, adult learners. I finished the class feeling that it was the highest value class I’d ever taken.
Porsche Everson, President, Relevant Strategies
“Ben Jones is a fantastic teacher whose passion for data that leaves an impression. It’s hard not to get excited about data visualization in his class, between all the jaw-dropping examples and interesting history. I learned a lot and would highly recommend working with Ben if you’re looking to enter the data viz world!”
“Ben’s classroom presence and the ease with which he leads is inspiring. He has an infectious passion for Data that transcends into every single student bringing out the very best in them. He made me fall in love with data visualization. One of the things he said in the class that stuck with me is “with the power of data comes responsibility”.”
Swati Swaminathan, Global Program Manager, Amazon Incentives
“In our class Ben expertly guided us through working with data and exploring how it touches our careers and lives. In each session I knew we’d learn useful tips and approaches to finding the stories in data. Every day I use the skills and insight Ben taught us.”
Sean Downing, Data Scientist
“Ben’s incredible depth of knowledge and passion for this field really shine through, and combined with his ability to explain the material in such a clear and straightforward manner really made the class valuable and fun.”
I feel very fortunate to have begun my data visualization training with Ben. His ability to weave theory and practice together seamlessly left me with an understanding not just of how to assemble good visualizations, but why different data stories lend themselves to different visualization techniques.”
“I highly recommend taking a course from this team. You could be a seasoned data analyst however the information covered in the courses really cements you in understanding concepts rather than specific analytical tools. It helps you hone the analytical skills that can be applied to any type of analysis tool. The instructor was very passionate about the subjects which resulted in a very engaging experience which can often be lost on Zoom.”
Deborah Jones
“Data Literacy is very important and this company is bringing DL to everyone. The course I took was great and very interesting. I’ve got to know the fundamentals of DL, which I knew very little 😀 I recommend the courses of Data Literacy to anyone who wants to know more about data, or anyone who wants to improve the quality of their work.”
Susana Martins Marques
“As an aspiring data analyst, I truly learned so much from Data Literacy Level 1 course! I am definitely walking away with a broader level of fluency and also a clear set of chart reading tips to make visual representations of data more effective. This course also offers an important dimension of context to charts that helps tremendously in orienting yourself while navigating charts as a beginner.”
Meghna Shetty
“The learning experience was effortless. Everything was well designed and planned.”
Heidi Sonkkila, Data Consultant at GoFore
“Content is spot on. The time to ingest the material is very manageable.”
Chris Maloney, MD PhD, EVP Chief Quality and Clinical Transformation Officer, Children's Nebraska