Data Literacy Keynotes

In-Person and Virtual Presentations for your Team or Event

Popular Topics

  • Leading in the Age of Data: 7 key aspects of data leadership
  • Closing the Great Data Literacy Gap: How we got here and where we go from here
  • 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy: What knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors highly data literate people possess and demonstrate
  • Avoiding Data Pitfalls: How to steer clear of common data blunders & mistakes
  • The 8 Data Story Types: How to find and tell compelling stories with data
  • How AI is Revolutionizing Data Analytics: The rise of ChatGPT & the impact on data

Meet Our Speakers

Here at Data Literacy, we have 2 award-winning speakers to book:

Ben Jones is Co-Founder and CEO of Data Literacy, author of eight books on various data topics, and experienced keynote speaker and presenter

Alli Torban is Sr. Data Literacy Advocate at Data Literacy, host of the popular podcast Data Viz Today, and author of a forthcoming book on creativity in data.

In-Person Keynotes

We’re excited to once again offer live, in-person keynotes and presentations at your work site, meeting location, or conference venue! Contact us for details about booking our world-class trainers and speakers to come to you and speak to your team about a variety of data-focused topics.

Our presentations are interesting and engaging, and your team members will leave feeling informed and inspired to use data more effectively in their roles. Our speakers have won numerous awards for talks they’ve delivered to audiences all around the world.

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Virtual Presentations

If your audience will be joining the session remotely, then our speakers are willing and able to join the video conferencing platform of your preference, using your account or ours, to deliver the presentation to your audience no matter where they’re located.

Additionally, our presenters can use a variety of interactive platforms such as along with chat and polls to make the presentation more interactive.

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