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Data Citizen Placement Assessment

A Data Citizen knows what questions to ask of their data upfront. They understand the one overall goal of data and the activities a team must carry out to transform data into wisdom. Passing the Data Citizen Assessment proves that you’ve mastered the foundational aspects of data literacy: what is data, how is it used by teams, what are some different ways to display your data?

We cover these topics in our Data Literacy Fundamentals course: Understanding the Power & Value of Data. This is the first of four levels in our core course offerings.

You need a score of 80% or greater to pass the assessment, meaning you can get no more than 5 answers wrong. If you score 80% or higher, you’ll be awarded the Data Citizen Badge. Best of luck!

An image depicting the four levels in our core course offerings and their associated badges. From left to right there's the data citizen badge for Data Literacy Fundamentals, the visual interpreter badge for Data literacy Level 1, the data explorer badge for data literacy level 2, and the data communicator badge for data literacy level 3. There's a red icon labeled you are here on the data citizen badge.