Data Literacy: Our Secret Sauce

Data Literacy: Our Secret Sauce | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

After more than five years developing and delivering data literacy training for companies big and small across many industries, we’ve pinpointed what truly distinguishes us from the competition.

Those vast one-size-fits-all tutorial libraries are something we simply cannot keep pace with. While some organizations find value in those resources, we’ve discovered many are in search of a partner—a team of data literacy specialists ready to craft customized solutions that foster a data and AI-centric culture within their organizations.

So, what’s our secret sauce at Data Literacy? We have the knowledge and tools to assess where your organization is today and create a custom roadmap to where you want to be with your data literacy and AI goals.

Most organizations want to skip the assessment part and jump into buying training videos. But we’ve found that the most successful data literacy programs begin with assessing your organization’s current state. This allows you to directly target your weaknesses, instead of wasting time on your existing strengths.

This not only saves time, it also improves morale. Who wants to sit through redundant training? And we don’t just focus on tools. Our approach is holistic, addressing not just technical aspects but also fostering a mindset that values people, process, and ethics.

In sum, our five-year journey has positioned us uniquely to offer more than just training. 

We offer a partnership. We work with you to assess your current data and AI status and goals to fast-track progress and uplift morale. Let us tailor a path for your organization.

Our “small yet mighty” team is passionate, thoughtful, and nimble. We look forward to the possibility of working with you. Reach out to our co-founder Becky Jones or fill out the form below to schedule time to chat about your specific needs. It’s kind of our specialty. 😉

And with that, we leave you with our new tagline and our updated website.

Data Literacy: Our Secret Sauce | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

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