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Here at Data Literacy, we’re proud about our growing list of client organizations that have benefited from our world-class training and assessment offerings to date. From on-demand courses to live, instructor-led sessions, we have both taught and learned from people in dozens of industries and disciplines all around the world.

What we’ve found, though, is that oftentimes they want more from us. We’ve been “teaching to fish,” but in some situations it would make their lives a lot easier if we could give them fish, too. We’ve been finding that, more and more, we’re doing both.

We’re helping clients uncover problems, teaching them how to solve them, and instead of stopping there, we’re rolling up the sleeves and helping them actually implement the solutions.

For example, we built custom training examples using one client’s data, and now they want us to help them create similar Power BI reports for other departments. We’re helping another client with their Tableau dashboards. For yet another client, they approached us for advice on how to define personas for their data literacy program, and we went so far as to create a questionnaire, crunch the numbers, and even create the final presentation for their leadership.

Today, in response to those needs, we’re launching a brand new set of offerings – Data Literacy Solutions. To start with, we’re offering four different types of solutions that are closely related to our training and assessments:

  1. Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting
  2. Data Literacy Program Strategy
  3. Creative Visualization Design, and
  4. Data Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Let me tell you a bit more about each one:

1. Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting

We’ve noticed that when it comes to building charts, reports, and dashboards, two things are true: first, it’s hard to make them really great. Bad dashboards are everywhere. Second, and because of that, every organization needs more people who can make great data graphics. That’s something we’re very good at.

For that reason, we’re going to ramp up our BI Consulting practice to enhance and augment your own team. Within our own team and our extended network of partners, we can connect you with some of the world’s best BI talent. We’re talking book authors, YouTubers, top LinkedIn voices and brand ambassadors, hackathon champions – Tableau, Power BI, Looker Studio, Excel and SQL, just to name a few.

2. Data Literacy Program Strategy

It’s easy to throw training at people, but that’s rarely an effective strategy all by itself. Great training is only one part of a much broader culture change program that includes multiple elements such as persona identification, baselining, benchmarking, and community-building. What are the other pieces to the puzzle, then, and how can you put them in place in the right order?

Ever since 2018, we’ve worked with organizations around the world – for-profits, non-profits, and government agencies alike – and we have a good idea of what works well when it comes to a full-fledged data literacy program. You can tap into our expertise on an hourly basis or via a retainer to have our seasoned data literacy program experts “on call” for you when you’re developing or implementing your own plans.

3. Creative Visualization

Data can be very boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Using the power of creative data visualization, we can bring your data to life, so that your communication efforts both inform and inspire your audiences so that they not only “get it,” they actually notice, and they care enough to change their behaviors.

In my time leading the Tableau Public platform, I spent over half a decade pouring over some of the most aesthetically amazing data visualizations – the kind that are featured on the front page of the world’s leading news sites. We have on our staff one of the brightest minds in creative and artistic visualization –Alli Torban, author of the forthcoming book, Chart Spark. We’d love to work with you to show “the art of the possible.”

4. Data Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

What does it take to be a great leader in the age of data? A leader doesn’t need to know every single detail about their organization’s data, and they don’t need to be the ultimate expert in all the latest data tools and technologies out there. But they do need to know how to set the stage for their team’s success with data.

They need to be able to balance the seven key factors of data leadership: ethics, purpose, data, technology, people, process, and culture. These are the factors I cover in my book, Leading in the Age of Data, and I’d be delighted to spend 1:1 time with you to help coach and mentor you in your own data leadership challenges.

How To Get Started

We’re beginning to take requests now via the short form on our Solutions page or at the bottom of this blog post below. If you think you’d like to take us up on any of these offerings, act quickly because while we are a mighty team, we are a small team, so our calendars will fill up quickly! We’d be delighted to help you out, so reach out at any time.

Thanks for reading, and all the best to you as you look to close out the 2023 calendar year strong!

Ben Jones

Data Literacy Co-Founder and CEO

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