Announcing the Launch of Data Literacy Objective Assessments  

Assessments are a critical part of any data literacy training program, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our two new Objective Data Literacy Assessments – the Data Citizen and the Visual Interpreter Assessment. Objective assessments are used to evaluate one’s knowledge and skills in a particular subject. That means the questions have right and wrong answers. Ready to test your foundational data literacy skills? Now you can with our two new objective assessments!

Passing the Data Citizen Assessment proves that you’ve mastered the foundational aspects of data literacy: what is data, how is it used by teams, what are some different ways to display your data? We cover these topics in our Data Literacy Fundamentals on-demand course: Understanding the Power & Value of Data

Passing the Visual Interpreter Assessment proves that you can make sense of the most common chart and graph types, which we cover in our Data Literacy Level 1 on-demand course: Learning to See Data.

The Data Explorer Assessment & Badge are coming soon in Spring of 2022 along with our Data Literacy Level 2 on-demand course: Working Effectively with Data.

If you feel ready to test your knowledge, you can take our objective assessments on their own or you can take the corresponding on-demand course(s),  which will also grant you the opportunity to earn the respective badge(s). Take the assessment worry-free even without the course. If you do not pass, we’ll provide you with a $25 promo code to use on our courses. You’ll be able to brush up your data literacy knowledge and have another shot at earning your badge(s).

These two new objective assessments complement our existing Subjective Assessments – the Data Literacy Score Team-Based Assessment and the 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy On-Demand Course & Self-Assessment. Whereas subjective assessments reveal how an individual feels about their own abilities or their team’s collective data literacy, Objective Assessments determine how much a person knows about data. ​​Since they’re objective, with right and wrong answers, consider taking the on-demand courses first to boost your odds of earning your badges. 

What qualifies someone to be a badge carrying Data Citizen or Visual Interpreter? 

Announcing the Launch of Data Literacy Objective Assessments | Data Literacy

A Data Citizen knows what questions to ask of their data upfront. They understand the one overall goal of data and the activities a team must carry out to transform data into wisdom.

Announcing the Launch of Data Literacy Objective Assessments | Data Literacy

A Visual Interpreter is fluent in the visual language of data. They’ve mastered the 25 most common chart types and their pitfalls. They understand how data is converted to graphical marks with visual encodings, the main principles for evaluating the effectiveness of charts, and critical scenarios like change over time and part-to-whole. 

Ready to put your data knowledge to the test? 

The Data Citizen and Visual Interpreter Assessments are $25 each or you can take advantage of our multi-product discount and save 10% when you buy more than one product. The 10% discount will automatically be applied to your cart at checkout. We recommend taking both assessments to most efficiently and accurately benchmark your knowledge level. Each assessment is timed and can only be taken once. You have 30 minutes to complete 25 questions. 

  • You need to score 80% or higher to earn the badge. No retakes are included with this purchase. Never fear though! If you score less than 80%, we’ll give you a promo code for $25 off purchase of either our Fundamentals on-demand course: Understanding the Power & Value of Data, our Level 1 on-demand course: Learning to See Data. It’s a low risk investment in your data literacy education! By taking the on-demand courses, you get another opportunity to earn the respective badge. 
  • Once you’ve earned your badges, show off your skills by adding them to the “Licenses & certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile, as pictured below. 

Announcing the Launch of Data Literacy Objective Assessments | Data Literacy

Data literacy is becoming more and more of a non-negotiable skill in today’s world. According to a recent study published by Tableau, 80% of Fortune 500 leaders surveyed expect employees in all departments to have basic data literacy. And that expectation is only rising. Wherever you are on your data literacy journey, our Objective Data Literacy Assessments are the perfect benchmark for your knowledge level so you can measure progress as you chart your learning path forward and upskill your data expertise.