Please join us in congratulating the following 3 individuals who have won the 1st ever Data Literacy “Immigrant Spirit” Scholarship Giveaway! They win a full pass to any upcoming Data Literacy training course, a $500 value!

Announcing the Winners of the 1st Data Literacy Immigrant Spirit Scholarship Contest! | Data Literacy  

  • Mahrad Mohammadi was born in Iran, now lives in the United States, and he is the Acting Ground Safety Manager and Emergency Response Manager at Mesa Airlines, Inc based out of the Greater Denver area. You can see his LinkedIn profile here:
  • Seona Joung was born in Seoul, Korea, also lives in the United States today, and she is a UX designer and researcher based out of New York. You can see her LinkedIn profile here: and you can check out her amazing project work on her website here:
  • Christos Giannulis, PhD was born in Greece, moved to the United States, and he has a PhD in Philosophy, Natural Resources Management from University of Ioannina as well as a Data Science certificate from MIT. You can see his LinkedIn profile here:

The reason for this scholarship giveaway is that we celebrate the diligence, effort and ingenuity of those who have left the land of their birth to travel and make a home in a brand new country. This is an amazing accomplishment filled with challenges and rewards, setbacks and achievements, and we cheer them on every step of the way.

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Thanks, and have a great week!

Ben Jones

Founder and CEO, Data Literacy