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Data Literacy Fundamentals 2.0 | Data Literacy  

Welcome to Data Literacy Fundamentals! We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and data has emerged as its most prized asset. Fluency in the language of data is now a non-negotiable skill for those seeking high paying jobs, and for those looking to use data to solve problems at a global or local level.

Data is more than mere numbers on a screen; it’s the compass by which businesses navigate, researchers drive innovation, and individuals make informed choices. Understanding its power and value, and being able to communicate clearly with data has become as fundamental a skill as reading a map before Google Maps first hit the scene. Sure, back then, you could get by without being able to read a map, but you weren’t going far. Your exploration into the world of data begins here. Dive in, discover its power, and harness the value it promises. 

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