The Data Literacy Movement: Founded by Women, Led by Women

Happy International Women’s Day 2022! I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of the Data Literacy movement, whose purpose is to help people everywhere speak the language of data.

Did you know? This movement was FOUNDED by women and is currently being LED by women. These and many more talented, devoted women breathe life into this cause day in and day out with their commitment to help others, with their contributions, and with their creativity.

There would be NO data literacy movement without these and many other women who have sacrificed so much and put so much of themselves into helping people get past their “dataphobia.”

The Data Literacy Movement: Founded by Women, Led by Women | Data Literacy

Give them a follow, read their work, spread the word about what they’re doing:

I can also mention so many others like Anna FoardSusan Metzger GraciaSusan Walsh – The Classification Guru, the amazingly talented women on my company’s advisory board – authors, trainers, journalists, professors, coaches, Pulitzer Prize winners.

We’re all very lucky to be in the presence of their greatness, and I can’t wait to see where they take this movement next!