Kicking off our 2022 Public Course Offerings

Enrollment is now open for our first public course offering of 2022! Data Literacy Fundamentals, our most sought after foundational course and the first in our 4-part Core Course series, will now be available as a live, virtual, instructor-led public course. Are you, like many, struggling to keep up with and effectively comprehend all of the data that is coming your way both professionally and personally? From public health data that is thrown in front of us on the daily during this seemingly never-ending season of Covid-19 to a plethora of dashboards and spreadsheets at work, many of us are quite literally drowning in data. But do we really know what we’re looking at? Do we know what questions to ask and if the data in front of us is even accurate? Do we know the words to use and what they mean when looking at and describing data? This ever-evolving world of data moving at warp speed can be daunting and downright intimidating which is quite understandable given that many us have had zero data training in school or since then. Here at Data Literacy, our mission is to teach the language of data – demystify it, and make it as approachable as possible. This course is a great way to get started.

Featured image for the data literacy fundamentals on-demand course. Grey background with stacked bar chart. White data literacy logo. Beneath in white text it reads data literacy fundamentals understanding the power and value of data.

Whether you’ve been working with data in your professional role for a while but want to build your confidence and ensure your foundation is solid, or you are just getting started and have not worked with data much at all, this course is for you. This will be an opportunity to lay the firm foundation you need or to fill in any gaps that are missing in a small, un-intimidating, guided classroom setting with a thoughtful and experienced senior instructor. Connect with peers from across the globe, build confidence and set yourself up for personal and professional success in 2022 by beginning your data learning journey with Data Literacy Fundamentals in an instructor-led environment.

In Data Literacy Fundamentals, you will have 8, 1.5 hour live zoom sessions (Mon/Weds, 4 – 5:30 PST beginning January 10th, 2022) with each session covering 1 of the 8 topics as seen in this image. This course comes complete with full, perpetual access to the on-demand course content as well, so you’ll be able to follow along at your leisure with the accompanying online content which is complete with exercises, quizzes, resources and more to ensure that you are able to take this learning full circle and integrate it into your personal and professional life. Additionally, you’ll go through a course project step-by-step throughout the course, receive the ebook copy of Data Literacy Fundamentals and complete the course with a signed certificate of course completion. If you complete the on-demand content, you’ll also receive a badge which can be shared to social media and added to your LinkedIn profile.

Meet your instructor! Who delivers our content here at Data Literacy matters deeply to us. We aim to work with others in the data world that are passionate about data but are also compassionate people. They care about people, they love what they do and they are excited to help you learn and grow. Well, we feel incredibly fortunate to offer you Anna-Maria Steverson as your instructor for this first public course offering next year. Anna-Maria is one of our Senior Consulting Instructors and by day, she’s a Manager of Data Analytics at Netflix with over 15 years of experience providing insights from data at Netflix and previously Comcast. She has witnessed the struggles that come when the workforce lacks data fluency and has a passion for closing the data literacy gap.

Spaces are limited to keep this as a small, intimate learning environment so enroll today and share with your peers and take advantage of the early bird discount by registering before December 10th, 2021. Cost for the course is $695 however you can save $150 if you register now and pay $545. If this cost is out of reach for you at this time, we offer financial aid options. No need to share personal details, we trust that those who reach out are truly in need. Please simply fill out our Contact Us form and note that you are inquiring about financial aid for the Fundamentals Public Course offering, and we’ll be back in touch with next steps. We look forward to seeing you in class!