NEW COURSE: “Working with Data Professionals (even if you aren’t one!)”

NEW COURSE: Working with Data Professionals | Data Literacy

Are you a project manager, team leader, or decision-maker who wants to improve your skills managing data professionals?

Join our NEW course Working with Data Professionals (Even if You Aren’t One) created by Anna-Maria Steverson, Analytics Enablement Manager at Netflix. The ebook that accompanies the course is effective as a stand-alone guide, and you can now order it for your Kindle app or device on Amazon. Why is this course needed right now? Anna-Maria explains:

“In my experience, I’ve often encountered situations where teams struggle with hiring data professionals and face negative consequences like high turnover and limited impact, leading to a perception that data teams are difficult and expensive. I’ve worked hard to improve these relationships by guiding leaders to communicate and set appropriate expectations with their data teams, and now all this advice is packed into this new course and ebook!”

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NEW COURSE: Working with Data Professionals | Data Literacy

What’s covered in the course?

This course helps managers and team leaders understand the nature of data work and how to effectively leverage the talents of data professionals in order to drive organizational change.

Here’s what’s covered:

  1. What Do Data Professionals Do?: A brief overview of different types of data work and the data skills needed to perform them.
  2. How to Hire a Data Professional: Advice on how to hire someone who has the data skills needed to do the types of data work your organization needs. 
  3. Managing a Team of Data Professionals: High-level methods and approaches for leading a team of data professionals.
  4. Measuring the Performance of Data Professionals: How to track whether or not your data professionals are performing well.
  5. Up-Leveling Your Partnership with Data Professionals: Best practices for getting the most out of your partnership with the data professionals in your organization.

In short, the course covers the main touch-points between managers and data professionals: DO-HIRE-MANAGE-MEASURE-PARTNER

NEW COURSE: Working with Data Professionals | Data Literacy

How to enroll

As an individual, you can enroll in the on-demand course, start right away, and progress through the 5 lessons at your own pace right here on our site.

If you are looking for training for your entire team, contact us for group rates. Our courses can be taken on-demand in our learning platform or uploaded into your organization’s learning management system via our SCORM or Tin Can / xAPI files.

Live, instructor-led training sessions are also available!

Your instructor

NEW COURSE: Working with Data Professionals | Data Literacy  Anna-Maria Steverson is a seasoned Data Science and Analytics leader in the Technology sector. She is a data leader with over 15 years of experience in delivering actionable insights from data and building data teams in large organizations. She has witnessed the struggles that come when a workforce lacks data fluency and has a passion for closing the data literacy gap. Anna lives with her wife, two daughters, three dogs, and turtle in Denver, CO and spends much of her free time traveling, planning travel, and engaging in various geek-adjacent activities.