Working with Data Professionals (even if you aren’t one!) On-Demand Course


Whether your background is in the data field or something completely unrelated, it can be challenging to know how to set up your organization’s data efforts for success. Much of that success starts with the people you have working on these efforts. Hiring the right data professionals for the right data job is step one. Then it’s a matter of onboarding them, managing them, and assessing their performance. For those not directly responsible for the team, how to successfully partner with these professionals to achieve your organizations data goals is of critical importance as well.

In this course, you will learn how to effectively hire, manage, and optimize your working relationship with data professionals to leverage the talents of data professionals and drive impactful organizational change.

By the end you’ll have learned:

  1. What Do Data Professionals Do?: A brief overview of different types of data work and the data skills needed to perform them.
  2. How to Hire a Data Professional: Advice on how to hire someone who has the data skills needed to do the types of data work your organization needs.
  3. Managing a Team of Data Professionals: High-level methods and approaches for leading a team of data professionals.
  4. Measuring the Performance of Data Professionals: How to track whether or not your data professionals are performing well.
  5. Up-Leveling Your Partnership with Data Professionals: Best practices for getting the most out of your partnership with the data professionals in your organization.

This course was authored by industry veteran Anna-Maria Steverson.

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This course is on-demand and self-paced. Progress through the modules on your own and at your own pace.

Tools Used: Access the modules on a Mac or PC laptop. No familiarity with specific data analytics software tools necessary. 

What’s included? 

  • A digital copy of Working with Data Professionals (even if you aren’t one!) by course instructor Anna-Maria Steverson
  • Perpetual access to the Working with Data Professionals On-Demand course, which includes:
    • 7 course lessons 
    • 7 instructional videos between 2 and 5 minutes in length
    • A total of 22 minutes of instructional videos
    • 5 lesson quizzes with a total of 25 questions
    • 5 exercises/knowledge checks