Chart Spark On-Demand Course


Learn how to think more creatively so you can communicate data in innovative, impactful ways. Led by the acclaimed information designer and “Data Viz Today” podcast host, Alli Torban, this course offers a unique framework for weaving creativity into your data viz projects. Alli understands the struggles faced by data professionals who don’t identify as “creative types.” She shares her journey from data analyst to creative information designer and distills years of experience and interviews with successful data visualization designers. With 10 innovative prompts and 60 minutes of engaging video content, Alli brings the concepts of her transformative guide to life, demonstrating practical techniques to ignite your creative thinking. You’ll learn how to nurture your creativity and spark those moments of inspiration when you need them most. Tailored for data professionals seeking to elevate their creations, this course is your blueprint for integrating impactful creativity into every project.

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This course is on-demand and self-paced. Progress through the modules on your own and at your own pace.

What’s included? 

  • A digital copy of Chart Spark by acclaimed information designer Alli Torban
  • Perpetual access to the Chart Spark on-demand course, offering:
    • 10 course lessons with instructional videos and activities
    • A total of ~60 minutes of video content
    • The audiobook chapter for each lesson
    • Your own digital Spark Journal, packed with all the book’s actionable prompts, enabling you to dive right into your creative process.