NEW COURSE! Data Literacy for Leaders

In the modern world where data reigns supreme, leadership is evolving rapidly. Enter the era of data-informed leadership – a dynamic blend of decision-making powered by data and underscored by values, vision, and versatility. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of “Data Literacy for Leaders,” a course that encapsulates the essence of this new-age leadership.

The course is available right here on our site, or you can contact us to find out how you can import it directly into your own organization’s LMS via SCORM or xAPI. We also offer this course as a 1-2 hour instructor-led training workshop for groups of leaders looking to dive into the material together. If you enroll to take the course on our site, be sure to use the discount code DL4L50 to get 50% off during the launch month of September 2023!

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About the Course

Crafted by Ben Jones, co-founder and CEO of Data Literacy, this course beckons leaders to embrace the challenges of a world awash in data. It’s not just about knowing how to read data – it’s about comprehending the breadth and depth of its impact on the organizational framework, from the ethos of ethics to the vitality of culture.

Course highlights:

  • Ethics: Delve into the moral quandaries of data usage.
  • Purpose: Align organizational aims with a robust data strategy.
  • Data: Assess the health of your team’s data, and find ways to improve this key asset.
  • Technology: Stay updated with cutting-edge data tools and platforms.
  • People: Empower your team to become data-informed thinkers.
  • Process: Leverage the power of data to drive efficiencies and continuous improvement.
  • Culture: Foster an environment where data thrives in harmony with innovation.

With a balance of real-world case studies, interactive knowledge-checks, exercises, and quiz questions, this course presents a panoramic view of data in the contemporary corporate realm.

NEW COURSE! Data Literacy for Leaders | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

Webinar Invitation

Join us for an enlightening webinar where Ben Jones, the author of “Leading in the Age of Data,” and Alli Torban of Data Viz Today fame will dissect the seven pillars of data-savvy leadership. From personal anecdotes to common challenges, the session promises a deep dive into leading with clarity in a data-rich environment. The session will be held on September 22nd at 10am PST, and you can register here for free.

NEW COURSE! Data Literacy for Leaders | Data Literacy | Data Literacy  

Sample Lesson: The ETHICS Factor

As a sneak peek, we are excited to offer free access to Lesson 1 – a deep dive into data ethics. As leaders, it’s our duty to ensure data serves as a force for good, safeguarding privacy, eliminating biases, and fostering trust. Through seven guiding principles, this lesson lays the foundation for ethical data practices, emphasizing accountability and inclusivity.

From understanding the repercussions of data-informed decisions to rectifying data errors, the ETHICS Factor underscores the moral dimensions of data in leadership.

NEW COURSE! Data Literacy for Leaders | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

Unveiling “Leading in the Age of Data”

Included along with the course is a digital copy of Ben Jones’s latest book. “Leading in the Age of Data” is more than just a guide; it’s a compass for navigating the digital age. Grounded on the insights gleaned from almost four years of running the Data Literacy Score team-based assessment for organizations all over the world, the book elaborates on the seven quintessential elements of successful data leadership. From ethical considerations to creating a resilient data culture, Jones offers 49 actionable strategies, providing leaders with a Data Leadership Compass to help them chart their own unique course.

Whether you’re an IT executive or a leader looking to adapt, this book and course invite you to transcend traditional paradigms and stride confidently in a world where data is the cornerstone of innovation and growth.

Course Testimonials

To wrap it up, we’d like to close by sharing with you some thoughts and feedback from our beta course testers:

NEW COURSE! Data Literacy for Leaders | Data Literacy | Data Literacy  
NEW COURSE! Data Literacy for Leaders | Data Literacy | Data Literacy