17 Key Traits of Data Literacy On-Demand Course & Self-Assessment


Enroll in the 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy On-Demand, self-paced, online course and learn the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Behaviors of highly data literate individuals. Follow resource links hand-picked by course creator Ben Jones to further boost your level in each of the traits. As you progress through the course, complete a self-assessment by scoring yourself in both your current proficiency as well as the level of important of each trait to your success in your role.

Use the results of your self-assessment to identify your own learning priorities so that you can focus your efforts on your own data literacy journey.



17 Key Traits of Data Literacy

What are some of the key traits of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Behaviors that highly data literate individuals possess? In this course, you’ll learn about 17 key traits, you’ll assess your own proficiency in each of them, you’ll identify your unique learning priorities, and you’ll find hundreds of links to helpful books, courses, videos, articles, websites, and resources to help you develop to the next level.

Tools Used: There are no software tools necessary to take this course.

  • Those completing the self-assessment can either use a modern browser OR a version of Tableau (Desktop, Public Desktop, or Reader) to fill out an interactive worksheet.
  • They can also use MS Excel or Google Sheets to fill out a score sheet to keep track of their scores for each of the traits.

What you Get: Here’s what comes along with registering to take the course:

  • A digital (pdf) copy of 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy by best-selling data author Ben Jones,
    • including exclusive quotes provided by data experts Alberto Cairo, RJ Andrews, Giorgia Lupi, and Cheryl Phillips
  • A digital (pdf) copy of the 16 Chart Reading Tips checklist
  • A digital (pdf) copy of the Avoiding Data Pitfalls Guide & Checklist
  • Perpetual access to the 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy On-Demand offering
    • 6 course lessons divided into 19 topical modules
    • 19 instructional videos totaling over an hour of content
  • Links to hundreds of resources for further learning

Requirements: Trainees can use a Mac or PC laptop to access the modules, which include video lectures, supporting and supplemental materials.  No familiarity with any specific data analytics software tool is necessary.