AI Literacy Fundamentals: Helping You Join the AI Conversation ebook (PDF)


The companion book to our on-demand course AI Literacy Fundamentals: Helping You Join the AI Conversation.

Feeling overwhelmed by AI? It’s not you—it’s the breakneck speed of technological progress. To quickly get into the AI conversation, you need a clear and simple foundation of knowledge to build on. This book is a friendly primer on the basic concepts of AI, how it’s already snuck into our daily lives, and what we need to know to prepare for the future.

Ben Jones, an expert at breaking down technical concepts from teaching thousands of people the basics of data literacy, lays out everything you need to know to join the AI conversation, from the history of AI to the deep learning revolution happening today. This technology is here to stay. Time for you to pull a seat up to the table.

Praise for ‘AI Literacy Fundamentals’
“I can’t think of a better written and more thoroughly researched introduction to the fundamental concepts of AI Literacy than Ben’s wonderful book. I cannot recommend it enough. Read. Be inspired. Be ready for our changing world.”

James Wilson, author of Artificial Negligence



Publisher: Data Literacy Press; 1st edition
Publication date: March 31, 2024
Language: English
Format: PDF
File size: 7.4 MB
ISBN: 978-1-960907-07-3 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-960907-08-0 (ebook)