An Illustrated Guide to Data Literacy:

What in the World is an Interval Scale?

Welcome back to our comic series that explores a range of data literacy concepts. We follow Becky, who describes herself as a bit data-phobic, as she navigates tricky situations at her new job. She’ll learn to create effective charts, grasp statistical concepts, and confidently clean data for analysis with the help of her faithful desk plant Fern.

Today, Becky discovers what an interval scale is and why it matters.

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Comic explaining what an interval scale is

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Alli Torban is a Senior Data Literacy Advocate at Data Literacy LLC, with more than 15 years of experience solving complex data challenges for government agencies, research institutes, and corporate clients. Alli possesses technical expertise in data communication and a demonstrated talent for combining data and design in an inclusive way, making her a highly effective information designer and trainer. She shares her knowledge on her popular podcast, Data Viz Today, which earned her the Impactful Community Leader award from the Data Visualization Society. When she’s not teaching clients the language of data, Alli enjoys designing tessellations and walking to the library with her daughters.