Coming Soon: “Chart Spark” by Alli Torban

Coming Soon: “Chart Spark” by Alli Torban | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

We’re thrilled to announce that Alli Torban’s debut book Chart Spark: Harness your creativity in data communication to stand out and innovate will be available on December 5th, 2023!

Why write this book?

I was tired of reading generic creativity advice that rehashes the achievements of people like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein. What about the rest of us? What about those in data who feel like they’re not artistic or the “creative type”? I couldn’t find that book, so I created it. I’ve navigated my own transformation from a data analyst to a creative information designer, and I’ve interviewed successful dataviz designers on my podcast Data Viz Today since 2018. I bring everything I learned into a concise book that mixes personal stories, examples, and actionable prompts that you can use to bring out your creative ideas today.

Who’s it for?

Those working in data or data visualization who want to communicate with data in more creative and impactful ways. This isn’t an “inspiration book” with pages of glossy infographics. I include some to illustrate a particular point, but the goal of this book is to change the way you think about creativity and show you how to integrate it into your work. My promise to you: If you’re ready to give these prompts a try, then I know you’ll gain the confidence to create new and exciting work. Best of all, you’ll also discover that you’ve always been the “creative type.”

What to expect?

Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, this book gives you prompts to actively summon your own chart sparks. You can be more creative in your data communication starting today.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: What is creativity and why should you care?
  • Section I: CARE
    • Chapter 1: Expand your mental boundaries with the “Bad Gifts” prompt
    • Chapter 2: Cultivate your inspiration with the “X-RAY” prompt
    • Chapter 3: Build your habits with the “Recess List” prompt
  • Section II: COAX
    • Chapter 4: Blast past project paralysis with the “Idea Isosceles” prompt
    • Chapter 5: Immediately see through a new lens with the “Break-the-Box” prompt
    • Chapter 6: Find stories like an editor with the “CTR” prompt
    • Chapter 7: Find an appropriate balance with the “4Q” prompt
    • Chapter 8: Explain it with a visual metaphor with the “Haystack” prompt
    • Chapter 9: Mix different mediums and experiences with the “Tango” prompt
  • Conclusion: What should you do next?

Coming Soon: “Chart Spark” by Alli Torban | Data Literacy | Data Literacy  Available now to pre-order as an ebook on Amazon for $9.99. Paperback will be available on December 5th, 2023. In early 2024, we’ll launch a companion course, too. I see lots of creativity in your future!