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Data literacy is more than just a skill—it’s a superpower in today’s data-rich world. Whether you’re a seasoned data professional or just starting your journey into the world of data, our Data Literacy YouTube channel has curated content specifically designed to boost your understanding and skills. Dive into our collection and start transforming data into wisdom today!

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What’s a Graphical Gaffe you ask? Challenging visual displays of data that confuse or mislead the viewer more than they explain or elucidate their topic. Our Graphical Gaffes playlist is a collection of videos that analyze real-life data visualization errors and teach how to avoid common pitfalls in data presentation, such as the video below that explains the crime of truncated bars. You’ll also learn Why it’s Important to MIND THE GAP When Showing DATES on a Chart.


Videos in our Crucial Concepts playlist will reinforce foundational concepts in data literacy, such as the video below which shares 7 tips for ensuring your data is fresh. You’ll also find:


Our Resource Reviews playlist highlights resources that will help you grow in data & AI literacy. These reviews provide critical insights and practical takeaways to help guide you in choosing the right resources for your learning and professional needs. In addition to the review below of “Data Memos” by Giorgia Lupi & Paolo Ciuccarelli you’ll find:

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