Announcing the Launch of Data Literacy Level 2: Working Effectively with Data

The time has come! The third course in our Data Literacy training series, Data Literacy Level 2: Working Effectively with Data, is now available for purchase on-demand.

Do you ever feel lost in a sea of data? Many people today rush to apply very powerful data-working tools, or they just dive right into their data without giving much thought to what’s below the surface. Data Literacy Level 2: Working Effectively with Data was developed with that exact dilemma in mind.

The course is on-demand and self-paced. You’ll progress through the modules on your own and at your own pace. In this course, you’ll learn a step-by-step process that will help you work effectively with data. The process is called The WISDOM Data-Working Flow, and you can use it with any data set, any software tool or programming language, any question that you’d like answered, and any decision that you’d like to turn into a data-informed decision.

Though the framework itself is tool-agnostic, the course includes over 20 different tool tutorials. Each tutorial includes a real dataset and step-by-step instructions for working with a multitude of tools including MS Excel, MS Power BI, MS Power Query Editor, Google Sheets, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, SQL, Datawrapper, Canva’s Flourish Studio, and the platform.

Announcing the Launch of our Level 2 On-Demand Course! | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

The emphasis is on applying data to real-world questions, and on identifying the many shortcomings in data that people often miss in their haste to use whatever data they have. Learning this process will help you avoid many of the most common mistakes, and it will give you a framework to apply, along with helpful pointers at every step along the way.

Why is this course so important right now? Well, data-working tools have been evolving at a rapid pace over the past few decades, and the amount of data available to use has increased dramatically as well. The knowledge and skills to put it all to good use is now the limiting factor. And organizations and communities alike need more of us to hone the craft of data analysis. That’s exactly why those who are able to turn raw data into insight, and into wiser decisions, are in such high demand right now. This course is designed to help you rise to this opportunity, and to equip you with a useful and practical guide to apply.


If you’re interested in team pricing, contact us for group rates. Our courses can be taken on-demand in our learning platform or implemented into your organization’s learning management system.

Just getting started on your data literacy journey and not feeling quite ready for Data Literacy Level 2 yet? Check out the first two courses in our Core Course Series: Data Literacy Fundamentals and Data Literacy Level 1

  • In Data Literacy Fundamentals, you’ll establish a strong foundation from which to build. You’ll dive into what data is and what it’s used for, how people and teams make best use of data, the various ways of analyzing and displaying data, and the underlying statistical concepts. 
  • Data Literacy Level 1 will teach you the visual language of data. You’ll learn the 25 most common chart types, their pitfalls, how data is converted to graphical marks with visual encodings, and the main principles to help you evaluate the effectiveness of charts. 

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