Data Literacy Foundations: Understanding the Power and Value of Data

Give yourself a firm foundation in Data Literacy by putting in place 8 key blocks of understanding that will help you grasp what data is, what it isn’t how it’s best used, and ways to think about incorporating it into different areas of your life and career.

This course is on-demand and self-paced. Trainees are able to progress through the modules on their own at at their own pace.

Tools Used: There are no software tools needed to take this course

What you get: Registration entitles you to:

  • Perpetual access to the Data Literacy Foundations On-Demand offering
  • A copy of the Data Literacy Foundations ebook
  • Links to helpful resources for further learning

Requirements: Trainees can use a Mac or PC laptop to access the modules, which include video lectures, supporting and supplemental materials, quizzes and exercises, and related data sets.  No familiarity with any specific data analytics software tool is necessary.