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Course Title: Data Literacy Fundamentals: Understanding the Power & Value of Data

Description: Go beyond reading charts and graphs that others have made and learn how to work with data yourself in this 5 week online course. Discover how to think about data and pose meaningful questions, how to find relevant data or create your own, how to clean and prepare your data for analysis, how to explore, visualize and discover key insights, and how to present those insights effectively to your audience so that you can make a meaningful impact.

When: 8, 1.5 hour sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm-5:30pm PST starting on January 10th, running through February 2nd, 2021.

Where: Online via Zoom.us

Price: $695 / person ($545 / person early bird price thru December 10th, 2021)

Class Size: 25 seats

Tools Used: Over the course of this program, we’ll use MS Word or Google Docs to keep complete work.

Instructor: Anna-Maria Steverson, Senior Consulting Instructor at Data Literacy

What you get:

  • A 4-week online course led by one of our hand-picked Data Literacy instructors
  • Access to the Data Literacy Fundamentals On-Demand course (videos, materials, quizzes, resources)
  • Links to helpful resources for further learning
  • A copy of the ebook, Data Literacy Fundamentals by Ben Jones

Requirements: Trainees must connect to Zoom.us from a Mac or PC. Since this is meant to be a community interactive class, we strongly encourage the use of cameras and general participation.

Financial Aid Options: We are very aware that the past year (plus) has been a challenging and possibly transitional time for many and we aim to make our courses available to anyone that that can benefit from the content. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us form if you are unable to cover part and/or all of the tuition for this course. We will respond with next steps. We trust that those that reach out are truly in need and we are happy to work with your current situation.