Data Literacy Level 1 is Now Available On-Demand!

We’re excited to announce today that, following the success of our popular Data Literacy Fundamentals On-Demand course, our next course in the series, Data Literacy Level 1: Learning to See Data, is now available to take on-demand as a self-paced course on our site!

We understand that, while many enjoy learning with a live instructor and a group of fellow students, others prefer the convenience of recorded content, exercises and quizzes that they can take at their leisure.

So, to make the course more convenient for many learners, we spent the past few months in the studio recording the lessons in clear and concise videos that average around 9 minutes in length each and then we packaged them together and added them to our new online academy!

New On-Demand Training Offering | Data Literacy, LLC | Data Literacy  
New On-Demand Training Offering | Data Literacy, LLC | Data Literacy  

Data Literacy Level 1: Learning to See Data builds on the firm foundation we laid in the Data Literacy Fundamentals course.

This second course puts the focus on the visual language of data, and helps trainees develop fluency reading the very types of charts and graphs that they encounter the most often. The course goes much deeper than a simple review of common chart types, and dives into the underlying elements – graphical marks and visual encoding channels – that are used to create them.

Learn how to interpret over two dozen chart types, and learn how to evaluate their effectiveness.

What’s included with the course?

  • 8 modular lessons divided into a total of 32 topics
  • 32 instructional videos and accompanying webpage of content
  • Almost 5 hours of video content in total!
  • 8 exercise worksheets
  • 8 lesson quizzes (82 questions in total)
  • 1 course project workbook
  • A handout of the 16 Chart Reading Tips pdf checklist
  • A digital copy of the new book Learning to See Data (retails for $9.99)
New On-Demand Training Offering | Data Literacy, LLC | Data Literacy  
New On-Demand Training Offering | Data Literacy, LLC | Data Literacy  

How much does the course cost?

For individuals, the price for the full course is $299 per person, or you can choose to purchase the Level 1 course along with the Fundamentals course and take advantage of our multi-product discount. When you buy more than one product, a 10% discount is automatically applied to your cart at checkout.

Coming soon! We’re hard at work on brand new courses, so we’re getting ready to launch an All-Access monthly membership subscription for those who are looking to continue their data literacy journey with us. Stay tuned for an announcement soon.

For Organizations:

Are you part of a team or organization looking for team-based or organization-wide training? We have you covered! Contact us to learn about our corporate pricing, as well as our SCORM and Tin Can / xAPI packages that can be loaded directly into your own Learning Management System.