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Summer School Sale! | Data Literacy | Data Literacy

Summer school is in session! If you’re in the Northern hemisphere then you’re enjoying the warm, bright and long summer days, backyard BBQs, the sound of kids on summer break playing in the cul de sac and maybe the iconic ice cream truck singing through the air. Some of us are lucky enough to take some time off to enjoy all summer has to offer and it can also be a slower season at work. Summer can be the perfect opportunity to lean into learning new skills and welcome fall with a fresh perspective on an important topic that is no longer a”nice to have” but a “must have” skill: data!

We wanted to help you out by making the decision to use any summer downtime for learning an easy choice, so we are offering a Summer School Sale – 25% off of our entire on-demand library. We don’t offer sales on our courses often, but we believe in our mission so much (to help people learn the language of data) that we want to make it an easier choice to invest in yourself. You can’t go wrong brushing up on skills around data in today’s data-rich environment. If you’ve been thinking about taking our courses for a while, now is a great time to do so and save! Whether you are just beginning your data learning journey or are a seasoned data pro, we have courses that will help you build or hone your data knowledge and skills, leaving you with more confidence, efficiency and competency reading, interpreting or working with data.

See our Summer School Discounts!

The Summer School Sale runs through the end of summer (September 22nd) and the discount is good on any course(s) in our course library. Here is a course rundown for you:

Accent Courses:

Core Courses:

Not only will you gain confidence in your own ability to understand data, you’ll be helping your team and organization by being an even more valuable and resourceful team member. We hope to have the opportunity to support you on your quest to learn more about data! Stay tuned for even more new courses coming soon.

Now get back to your sun break or licking your quickly melting popsicle that you managed to snag from the popsicle truck and we’ll see you on the inside of!

Happy Summer! (and those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, let our Summer School sale turn around the winter blues!)