Take the 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy Self-Assessment

Earlier this year we launched the 17 Key Traits of Data Literacy ebook (now available to download and read on your favorite Kindle device!).

Organizations and individuals using this resource have been asking for a way to figure out which of these traits they should focus on as they determine the next phase of their learning path. In response to that request, we’re publishing the following free self-assessment tool which anyone can use to determine which of the 17 key traits are growth opportunities (top left quadrant), which are in their sweet spot (top right quadrant), which they should consider teaching or better leveraging (bottom right quadrant) and which they should leave alone for the time being (bottom left quadrant).

Click the image below to open a new tab with an interactive version of the self-assessment tool published to Tableau Public:

17 Key Traits Self-Assessment | Data Literacy | Data Literacy  

We’d love to know what you think! What did you determine where your biggest areas of opportunity to grow and develop your level of fluency in data literacy? Email us or tweet us your results!