Trying out the Noteable plugin for ChatGPT Plus

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have Elijah Meeks, Chief Innovation Officer of Noteable, walk me through how to use his new and popular Noteable plugin for ChatGPT, which is currently available to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers (currently US$20/month).

Based on what Elijah showed me, I created the short video above titled “Trying Out the Noteable Plugin for ChatGPT Plus” that takes you on a 10 minute tour through the basics of how this plugin works. In it, I use a data set of electric vehicles in my home state of Washington, and I ask ChatGPT to use the data to come up with recommendations for Tesla salespeople. This made for a perfect follow-up to my previous Tool Tutorial video, which was all about the Code Interpreter plugin for ChatGPT. It also makes for a great sequel to our recently launched (and continuously updated!) ChatGPT Basics course that walks learners through how to get started with more basic use-cases of ChatGPT.

My reaction, in brief, is that I feel that LLM + Notebook plugins like the Noteable plugin for ChatGPT have even more potential to revolutionize data analytics than the native Code Interpreter plugin for ChatGPT. The reason is that the Noteable plugin directly connects the human-like chatting experience of an LLM to the analytical and collaborative features of an interactive computational notebook.

Code Interpreter creates and executes python directly in a Jupyter notebook in the ChatGPT interface, and you can always copy and paste the python code into your own online notebook. But the Noteable plugin creates the notebook for you, and it creates more than just python blocks. It can also create Markdown and SQL, so that you can 1) have a record of your analysis, 2) easily modify that analysis, and 3) share it with others who can view, comment, and edit.

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