Yesterday afternoon we celebrated the launch of our new website, with a fun happy hour toast and presentation at our headquarters in the Industrious Bellevue office space. Attendees were treated to cocktails from Maker’s Mark, appetizers from Purple Cafe, and all received an exclusive 25% off coupon code for upcoming Level 1 and Level 2 training cohorts starting at the beginning of May.

Many thanks to all who joined us for the event, and we would be remiss if we didn’t pay special thanks once again to the talented individuals who helped to create the site, including:

  • Mike Sayenko of Sayenko Design, who built the website itself
  • Michael Varouhas of Varouhas Design who created the explainer animation featured on the home page
  • Graphic designer Kelsey O’Donnell who did the layout and design of the ’17 Key Traits of Data Literacy’ ebook and helped with other elements on the site

Additionally, we’d like to thank the incredibly talented Data Literacy Advisory Board, who were generous enough with their time to take a look at the site prior to launch and provide their input.

Also, special thanks to the crew at Industrious Bellevue – Pamela Franklin, Megan Hanno, and Andrea Alarcon for the thoughtful touches and amazing hospitality. If anyone in the Seattle area is considering starting or moving a business to a shared office space, Industrious is an excellent choice. The high-end feel of the office space itself is only outclassed by the top notch staff onsite.

Here are some photos from the evening!

The website on prominent display throughout the event!


We were fortunate enough to have Maker’s Mark providing cocktails for the group


Andrea setting up the space for the evening with an inflatable tribute to the reason for our existence!


Such a great group of data enthusiasts!